Vienna II

Construction: Enhanced Loop Graphic Tip Sheared

Gauge: 1/12

Stitches per 3″: 34

Pile Height: .250 High/.125 Low

Face Weight: 32 oz. / sq. yd.

Primary Backing: Woven Polypropylene

Secondary Backing: ActionBac ®

Fiber: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Dye Method: Solution Dyed

Width: 12′ Standard

Pattern Repeat: 3.5″ L x 4.67″ W

Static Control: Below 3.5 KV

Flooring Radiant Panel: Class I

Wear Warranty: 10 Year Limited Wear Warranty


Carpet Maintenance

A consistent and thorough maintenance plan, plus a plan to address unusual spills, is absolutely necessary, regardless of the type of floor covering used. Regular maintenance helps prolong the floorcovering’s life, maintains its appearance, and provides a minimal impact on indoor air quality. Carpet also requires maintenance. Carpet maintenance is critical to ensure that it wears well once it has been installed, and to extend the good appearance and the life of the carpet.

Carpet Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality

The cleaning of all floor surfaces should not be based on appearance alone. Health is an important reason for an effective cleaning and maintenance program. Modern carpet fibers and constructions are engineered to hide soil. Therefore, preventative, daily, periodic and intensive maintenance are key factors in preserving the appearance of the carpet and the health of the facility. Preventative maintenance helps prevent outside contaminants before they become a concern on any surfaces. Carpet provides an extra benefit because it traps and holds contaminants, keeping them out of the breathing zone until they can be removed with daily maintenance and deep-cleaning.

Even properly specified and installed carpet can “ugly” more quickly than normal or appear to be worn-out if it is not maintained adequately. If carpet is not vacuumed regularly, and periodically cleaned, dirt builds up, abrades the fibers and begins to spread. The carpet begins to lose its initial appearance and resilience, tending to crush and mat down. Matted carpet appears to be worn-out, even if there is no real pile loss.

To preserve the initial appearance and to provide good indoor air quality in a healthy environment, proper and regular maintenance of all surfaces is a key factor. Establishing and committing to a regular maintenance plan as outlined in this section is a necessary ingredient.

Daily Maintenance

Vacuuming Schedules

Of all the carpet maintenance procedures, vacuuming takes most time and attention, yet is the most effective. The carpet should be inspected for spots during vacuuming. Spots should be removed as soon as possible. The longer they are allowed to remain on the carpet, the more difficult they are to remove and the greater the possibility of the spot becoming a permanent stain.

The following is a broad guide for a minimal vacuuming schedule in commercial facilities.

High Traffic – vacuum daily
Medium Traffic – Vacuum twice weekly
Light Traffic – vacuum weekly

Periodic Maintenance

We recommend regular planned carpet cleaning with a dry carpet cleaning system such as the type sold by Host Carpet Cleaning of Racine Industries. For more detailed information on Host, click the link below for their website.

Host Carpet Cleaning of Racine Industries:

Racine Industries, Inc.
1405 Sixteenth Street
P.O. Box 1648
Racine, WI 53401
Phone: (800) 558-9439
Fax: (262) 637-0558


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